I have a strong emphasis on Super Junior, EXO and SHINee. My ultimate bias is Eunhyuk. Follow me and let's fangirl about Kai's sluttiness together


I couldn’t see myself hanging out with him cause he didn’t have matching socks


"Hello, I’m Kim Woobin. It’s really an honor to me to participate in this meaningful campaign. I hope my little participation will give a bit more strength to ALS patients around the world. I will nominate 3 more people to do this challenge. they are actor Moon Wonjoo, actor Hong Seokcheon and Lee Jongsuk. Thank you." (x)(x)

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'babe, what's the safety word'

'jacobs by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs in collaboration with marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs'

It’s been 2 years and 2 months, I’m so ready for this comeback


Beyoncé seems like she would do the Ice Bucket Challenge 20 times and pick the cutest video to upload

Rihanna wouldn’t put up with your shit so neither will I

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I finally figured out what the fuck that tag line is saying in all those songs. It’s “Mustard on the beat hoe”